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Tygart Lake Golf Course

Tygart Lake Golf Course

The Tygart Lake Golf Course is in Grafton, West Virginia. The golf course is located at the shores of Tygart Lake. It has different facilities such as a club house, golf course, and a tournaments ground. The course is constructed on 391 acres of land which makes it adequate for various golf purposes.

1. The Club House and Facilities

Here, the golf course has ProShop merchandise which various items such as golfing tools and golfing clothing. These items are sold to the visitors and the members of the club too. It also has a sandwedge snack back with various foods and snacks.

At the extreme side of the club house and facilities is a full bar with a long menu of beverages. The ProShop operates during different hours in the week. From Monday to Thursday, it operates between 7:00am and 7:00pm while from Friday to Sunday; it operates from 6:30am to 7:30pm.

2. The Golf Course

The golf course was designed at the shores of the Tygart Lake. It features 6.255 yards of golf from the longest trees for the par of 72. It has a rating of 69.8 and a slope of 123 which is on Blue grass. The golf course has been under operation since it was opened in 1967. Currently, it is under the management by Carol Harvey who is the general manager.

3. Tournaments

Various events and outings are held regularly at the golf course in different times if the year. the club releases the event scheduling over Facebook feeds and also through the Event Calendar on the club’s website.

What are the Rates Charged at Tygart Lake Golf Course?

Tygart Lake Golf Course

The golf course attracts many professional golfers due to its impressive features and due to its reputation in good management and maintenance. Also, it attracts various visitors who are interested in watching golf tournaments and in doing various activities at the golf course.

Therefore, this welcomes a platform to charge the visitors in order to enhance effective management and maintenance of the golf course. The charges are significantly different based on the week days.

During Mondays throughout to Fridays, the golf course charges at: $12 for 9 Holes Walking, $16 for 18 Holes Walking, $18 for 9 Holes and Cart, $18 for Holes and Cart after 4:00pm, and $26 for 18 Holes and Cart.

During Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays, the golf course charges at: $9 for 9 Holes Walking, $16 for 18Holes Walking, $18 for 9 Holes and Cart, $20 for 18 Holes and Cart after 4:00pm, $25 for 18 Holes and Cart from 1:00pm-4:00pm, $33 for 18 Holes and Cart from Open – 1pm.

Membership to Tygart Lake Golf Course

Tygart Lake Golf Course is a perfect solution for golfers who are in search for a place to be playing regularly and for several rounds. The course offers considerable and affordable rates for junior, senior, family, and also corporate charge plans. The offer is even more favorable for loyal clients.

Tygart Lake Golf Course has a sufficient golf course which can be used for various golf purposes and for family visits and tours. If you would like to know more about the golf course, you can easily have information on the official website.

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