Bel Meadow Public Golf Course

Bel Meadow Golf Club

Bel Meadow Golf ClubFeatures and the Appearance

At a rating of 4 stars, the Bel Meadow Golf Club has been ranked as one of the most popular golf clubs in the world. This gold club is in Mount Clare, WV. It was opened in 1965 from when it has been operating since then.

The Bel Meadow Golf Club was designed by golf architect icon Robert T. Jones in 1964. Thus, the club was designed using the traditional layout. At the same time, the club was constructed in a massive land which is used for various golf competitions and championship.

The course features over 6,900 yards of golf from long trees and for a par of 72. This course has a rating of 72.5 and it is also associated with a slope rating of 126. Such features are recommendable for golf courses which are eligible to hosting competitions and championships.

Bel Meadow Golf Club has golf driving sections. In these sections, the course welcomes visitors to view different parts especially during the championship. Also, the sections are used by professional golfers to view the contents of the course prior to engagement in championships.

It also has different several practice ranges. These ranges are used by golfers of every caliber to practice golfing. Normally, amateur golfers are highly welcomed to the course to practice as individuals and as groups.

Bel Meadow Golf Club before 2015

Although the golf course has been famous due to its natural appearance and space, Bel Meadow Golf Club experienced a tough moment during the recent years before 2015. At the time, it had different tee boxes which were not overgrown.

However, the golf course ran of grass that was on the items. Generally, the course was not well taken care off. Also, its lousy was not properly maintained. This made it to be a bit undesirable for different golf competitions.

From 2015, however, the course enjoyed its 50th birthday in a style. By then, the course was put under maintenance and close care. The green and the grass were reestablished and mowed regularly to re-establish its initial shape and appearance.

Bel Meadow Golf Club

Bel Meadow Golf Club Previous Tournaments

Various golf tournaments have been hosted at the golf course in different times of the year and by different golf associations. First, the Kelly Miller Foundation hosted its 19th annual golf Tournament at the Bel Meadow Golf Club. This tournament was hosted in 2016.

Second, the Callaway Junior Golf Opener tournament which also hosted in 2016 took place at the Bel Meadow. The course has also hosted other golf tournaments including West Virginia Open Championship tournament, Ohio Valley University Fighting Scots Athletics which involves the Scots Golfers, and GSC Annual Charity Golf Tournament.

Since 2015, the golf course has been a significant ground for major tournaments. It has been a common ground for West Virginia golf tournaments as well as other tournaments which are held at national and international level.

The Bel Meadow Golf Club has also been a useful golf course with a massive ground for various golfing practices. It has been used by both amateur and professional golfers to practice for the game before and during competitions.

The Bel Meadow Golf Club led by it director, John Aman, has also teamed up with West Virginia Golf Association’s Swing in a bid to raise money and also create awareness to support the Alzheimer’s Association. This campaign is aimed at providing the cure for the disease and to help families in the fight against it.

Tygart Lake Golf Course

Tygart Lake Golf Course

The Tygart Lake Golf Course is in Grafton, West Virginia. The golf course is located at the shores of Tygart Lake. It has different facilities such as a club house, golf course, and a tournaments ground. The course is constructed on 391 acres of land which makes it adequate for various golf purposes.

1. The Club House and Facilities

Here, the golf course has ProShop merchandise which various items such as golfing tools and golfing clothing. These items are sold to the visitors and the members of the club too. It also has a sandwedge snack back with various foods and snacks.

At the extreme side of the club house and facilities is a full bar with a long menu of beverages. The ProShop operates during different hours in the week. From Monday to Thursday, it operates between 7:00am and 7:00pm while from Friday to Sunday; it operates from 6:30am to 7:30pm.

2. The Golf Course

The golf course was designed at the shores of the Tygart Lake. It features 6.255 yards of golf from the longest trees for the par of 72. It has a rating of 69.8 and a slope of 123 which is on Blue grass. The golf course has been under operation since it was opened in 1967. Currently, it is under the management by Carol Harvey who is the general manager.

3. Tournaments

Various events and outings are held regularly at the golf course in different times if the year. the club releases the event scheduling over Facebook feeds and also through the Event Calendar on the club’s website.

What are the Rates Charged at Tygart Lake Golf Course?

Tygart Lake Golf Course

The golf course attracts many professional golfers due to its impressive features and due to its reputation in good management and maintenance. Also, it attracts various visitors who are interested in watching golf tournaments and in doing various activities at the golf course.

Therefore, this welcomes a platform to charge the visitors in order to enhance effective management and maintenance of the golf course. The charges are significantly different based on the week days.

During Mondays throughout to Fridays, the golf course charges at: $12 for 9 Holes Walking, $16 for 18 Holes Walking, $18 for 9 Holes and Cart, $18 for Holes and Cart after 4:00pm, and $26 for 18 Holes and Cart.

During Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays, the golf course charges at: $9 for 9 Holes Walking, $16 for 18Holes Walking, $18 for 9 Holes and Cart, $20 for 18 Holes and Cart after 4:00pm, $25 for 18 Holes and Cart from 1:00pm-4:00pm, $33 for 18 Holes and Cart from Open – 1pm.

Membership to Tygart Lake Golf Course

Tygart Lake Golf Course is a perfect solution for golfers who are in search for a place to be playing regularly and for several rounds. The course offers considerable and affordable rates for junior, senior, family, and also corporate charge plans. The offer is even more favorable for loyal clients.

Tygart Lake Golf Course has a sufficient golf course which can be used for various golf purposes and for family visits and tours. If you would like to know more about the golf course, you can easily have information on the official website.

Basic Golf Techniques

Currently, golf is gaining immense popularity among many people in the world. Learning golf techniques has also increased with many people being interested in gaining skills and moves that are appropriate for the sport.

What are the Basic Golf Techniques?

Through practicing basic golf techniques, you can be able to master tips, moves, and golfing theory that are appropriate for you. There are various golf techniques which prove to be basic and applicable to golfers during practice and also during real action. These include:

1. The Golf Grip

Basic Golf Techniques

It is the foundation of golfing for every player. As an amateur golfer, you need to determine whether you and left-handed or a right-handed grip golfer. This can only be learnt through real practice using a golf club and a golf ball.

With these two tools, you should take time while making different targets using both your right and your left hand. Although many golfers use their right hand, you may discover a unique talent with your left-handed grip just like Phil Mickelson.

2. The Golf Swing

Basic Golf Techniques

Golf swing depends on different factors while playing golf. Firstly, it depends with your height. If you are tall, you may need to swing differently than a shorter person. Secondly, swinging also depends with the size of the golf club that you are using.

While swinging, you need hold your club in position and next to the golf ball. Also, ensure that you have placed your legs gently apart. Swiftly, take your club to your handed-grip. Swing your shoulders in a 90o angle to the left/right and lift the club up. As you keep your target, release the golf club to hit the ball and proceed to swing to the right/left.

3. Follow-through

Basic Golf TechniquesHaving a good follow-through is determined by how perfect your swinging is. While back-swinging, you need to take your upper body to one side. Also, turn the upper body to the center as you approach the follow-through.

Proceed to the next direction as you hit your target. If you move from the right to the left direction, always point your right toe heading to the ground. This will help to increase the ability to negotiate the direction.

4. The Posture

Adapting to the most appropriate golf posture is an essential step to make as you seek to master necessary skills in golfing. Normally, having the body weight adequately balanced throughout is important for efficiency as you seek to make different target and moves.

Many professional golfers tend to hang their arms frequently. This gives sufficient room to the shoulders especially while bending to hit the golf ball. Learning how to remain in good posture always keeps you in position while playing.


Basic golf techniques are the route to success in professional golfing. However, you may not be able to learn these techniques by visiting the golf club and playing for a few minutes or watching other golfers play. You need to regularly practice the basic techniques both at home and at the golf clubs. This will enhance you to master and retain the golf techniques with you.

Rory McIlroy – A Biography

Rory McIlroy – A BiographyEarly Life

Rory McIlroy is one of the leading golfers in the world. His prodigious talent has put him in the same league with all-time greats like Tiger Woods in all aspects.

Rory was morn on 4th May 1989 in Holywood, County Down in Northern Ireland. He is the only son of Rosie McIlroy and Gerry McIlroy. Both Rory’s parents took extra jobs to invest in his golf development. His father Gerry is, himself a golfer who had a limited career success. It was him who introduced Gerry to the game at an early age and went on to coach him. His introduction to the game, however, is according to family lore, was as a result of his insistence to be taken to the local golf club by his father.

When he joined the Hollywood Golf Club, he was the youngest member at 7 years of age. To date he considers the Hollywood course his home course. During the early years of his involvement in the sport, he was a student at St. Patrick’s Primary School. He went on to join Sullivan Upper School for his secondary education.

Amateur Career

Rory McIlroy – A BiographyHis first major victory was the 9 to 10 years’ international championship which was held in Miami Florida at the Doral Golf Resort. Besides his father, Rory was also trained Michael Bannon. Bannon is still his coach and mentor to date. In 2004, then aged 15, Rory was a part of the squad that won the Junior Ryder Cup for Europe. The following year, at 16 years, he made history by winning both West of Ireland Championship and Irish Championship. He retained both trophies the following year and also went on to win the European Amateur championship which was held in the city of Milan, Italy.

In 2006, Rory was selected to represent Ireland in the Eisenhower Trophy. As a result of a string of impressive performances, he was ranked top in the world’s amateur table on 6th February 2007. He remained top of the table for the next one week. Although he played impressively as an amateur, his amateur status was limiting him. In 2007, for instance, during the Dubai Desert Classic, he was forced to forfeit a 7600 Euros prize that he had won due to the fact that he was an amateur.

Professional Career

On 18th September 2007, aged 18, Rory signed a contract with International Sports Management which turned him into a professional. This was one day before the Quinn Direct British Masters tournament. He participated in the tournament and tied at 42nd position in the tournament rankings. Soon after this tournament, he became the youngest European to win a tour card in the history of tour cards. At this time, he was still an associate member. Rory went ahead to make position 95 in the order of merit, at this position, he was the highest ranked associate. Over and above the ranking he earned over 270,000 Euros in the tour which was his first major earning as a professional.

His career continued to flourish through the years and on 9th June 2011, he won the US Open. He set several records in the process. his celebrity has continued to grow over the years and he has used his position to champion different courses. In 2011, he was a UNICEF ambassador for Haiti. Raising awareness on the plight of children in the impoverished country. In 2012, he won the PGA championship. He also won the FedEx tournament. He won four events in a single season, a feat that had only been achieved by Tiger Woods 7 years earlier. In 2016, he won the Irish Championship and the PGA tour and the FedEx tournament.


He has won PGA player of the year in 2012 and 2014. In the same year, he was runner-up in the BBC sports personality of the year. He was also knighted in the new year, 2012. Currently, he is ranked. He is currently ranked number two in the world. He has won many other awards in major golf tournaments all over the world.

How to Choose Golf Hitting Net

How to Choose Golf Hitting NetIn the golfing world, practice is very important. However, in today’s busy world, not everybody has the privilege of heading to the golf course and refining their ball striking skills. The good news is that technology has given every an opportunity to practice golf at the comfort of their homes, using golf nets. If you are looking for a golf net, this buying guide brings you the best 5 golf nets on Amazon.

Net Return

This is one of the best golf nets currently on the market. It returns the ball back to your striking position, which means that you only require a single ball for practice. Designed and built in the U.S., nets from this company are made to last. Although they don’t come with a hitting mat, you can easily get one on the market to complement your golf net, and enjoy some good practice. It is created using sturdy and tough materials, with the ability to handle golf speeds moving at a speed of approximately 200 miles per hour.

Rukk Net Pop Up

This net was built for ease-of-use and portability. It is easy to move and set up. Furthermore, you can pack it easily in your car, and enjoy a good practice session, wherever you want to be. There are not complicated pieces to set up or waste time. You just need to unfold it when you want to play golf, and fold it up, once you are through with your training session. It can handle over 150 balls in a day. If you are looking for portability, reliability and versatility, this one is a perfect choice.

How to Choose Golf Hitting NetDura Pro Golf Velocity

This one resembles a wrestling cage and a batting cage combined. One of its biggest benefits is that you don’t have to worry about golf balls going astray, miss hits or golf balls wandering to damage property. It comes with dual layer netting technology. One layer handles high velocity golf shots while the other layer catches the ball softly, while absorbing the impact and reducing the speed. With this net, you are assured that no one will ever get hurt or property getting damaged.

Pro Advanced Pro Return

The Pro Advanced Pro Return comes with a triangular shape, designed to enhance your shooting skills. Its portable design, coupled with its advanced return capabilities, are among the reasons why this net is so valuable. If you can’t figure out the kind of golf net that you need, just buy this one, and you will appreciate its features. Its versatility and design makes it a great choice, for any looking for a multi-purpose golf net.

SKLZ Quickster

The SKLZ Quickster takes a unique approach, when it comes to the design of golf nets. It features a flat square design, which absorbs the impact of the ball, instead of catching it. Although it does not return the golf ball, it performs exemplary well, when it comes to catching the ball. The quality is premium and the product is highly affordable. If you are a young and aspiring golfer, this net is the one for you.

Final Word

When it comes to buying golf nets, the most important thing is to assess your needs and budget considerations. Don’t buy a golf net just because of a brand name. Most importantly, look for durability, reliability and versatility.

Key Things Should Be In Your Golf GPS Watch

Key Things Should Be In Your Golf GPS Watch

A golf GPS watch acts like a tour guide who knows your presence and works to direct you all around the park. It acts as a range finder in determining distances, positions on the green, targets, and upcoming hazards in a golf club.

What Key Things Should You Look at in a Golf GPS Watch?

A golf GPS watch is connected to the GPS satellites. Therefore, it can provide you with bulk information about golf clubs and their features. However, for you to enjoy such an experience, you need to check the key features of a golf GPS watch prior to purchasing it. These include:

1. Battery Life

With golf GPS watches coming from different manufacturers, you may fall a victim of a watch that does not serve you well in a golf club. A suitable golf GPS watch should take you up to three rounds at the golf club with maximum performance.

The most recent golf GPS watches have improved batteries which are capable of going long hours without requiring to be recharged.

2. Golf GPS Watch Accuracy

A suitable golf GPS watch should be accurate up to within 3 yards. Different manufacturers have enhanced their watch products with the ability to track different features within the golf club and in the GPS system within 3 yards.

From the tee boxes, watches should easily record information at the club within 3 yards. This is an important aspect among golfers. The ancient skills of mastering position on the greens and shooting target may be inapplicable especially in today’s clubs which are installed with various systems and sponsors’ advertising information.

Key Things Should Be In Your Golf GPS Watch3. Comfort

Having a watch tightly tied around your arm may limit your potential in the golf club. The watch may be associated with discomfort especially when changing the wrist angle and when lifting the hands up during swinging.

Therefore, finding a watch that comfortably lies on your arm is an essential aspect of a golf GPS watch. The watch may be designed with leather and elastic parts to make it more comfortable. Also, consider a watch that lies between 60-75g in weight.

4. Bluetooth Compatibility

Although this is an indirect feature requirement, it is essential for an individual who is busier at hands. Bluetooth compatibility allows you to view the content of your smartphone such as text messages, emails, and call log without necessarily taking it out.

5. High Resolution Display and Green View

This is the best feature to view the position on the green. It enables you to access the display of the area to the front, at the middle, and to the back of the green. The Green View provides you with the exact picture of the green and the easiest way to approach the pin.

6. Synchronization

Many golf GPS watches are comes with over 40,000 courses. Thus, you can easily track your way to a golf club using the GPS. Through synchronization, you can easily check the golf clubs that are near to you and their distances. However, not all the golf GPS watches have an effective synchronization features.


Your golfing experiences can be made a more effective experience through the use of a golf GPS watch. There are numerous golf watches in the market. Therefore, you should be keen to check the features of any golf watch that you find in the market before settling on your best take.

Interesting Facts about Phil Mickelson

Facts about Phil MickelsonPhil Mickelson is a famous American golfer who has established himself in golfing. The prolific golfer has won several championships throughout his career as a golfer. At the same time, Phil Mickelson has showcased his unique golfing skills and tactics. This has highly contributed to his immense popularity across the world.

What are the Facts associated with Phil Mickelson?

As a popular golfer, it is interesting to know what has made Phil Mickelson so successful and popular. Here are some of his facts:

1. Won 42 Events on the PGA Tour

In the PGA Tour, Phil Mickelson has kept a record which is yet to be recently witnessed. He won 42 events including 5 major golf championships. These championships include: Masters Title in the years 2004, 2006, and 2010, PGA Championship in 2005, and also an Open Championship which he bagged in 2013.

2. In the History of Professions

Phil Mickelson has won himself a place in the world 16 golfers who have made it to win three out of the four professional majors. Many prolific golfers have only made it to two wins. This has made Phil a unique golfer.

3. Started Playing Golf before Schooling

This is an interesting fact about the immense interest in golf that developed in Phil Mickelson’s young age. At the age of 2 years, Phil had already shown where his career was hidden. Before joining school, he would join his father who liked practicing golf at home and practice together with him. This went on all along until Phil’s career in golfing was apparent.

Facts about Phil Mickelson4. Schooled and Graduated in San Diego

Phil was born in San Diego to the Mickelson’s family in 1970. Also, he went on to take his studies in San Diego. Phil attended the University of San Diego and he graduated later on in 1988.

5. An Prolific Amateur Golfer

At his young age, Phil captured the attention of golfers and golf fans in US. This was after Phil made it in showcasing his skills as an amateur face in US after he won three NCAA Individual Championships and also three Haskins Awards. This was during the years 1990, 1991, and 1992 before he was admitted to the university.

6. Won a PGA Tour in January 1991

At just 21 years, Phil Mickelson had established himself as a gifted amateur golfer. In 1991, Phil won the PGA Tour event. The event was in the Northern Telecom Open and it was held in Tucson.

7. The Stunning Left-Handed Swing

At 20, Phil made what many golfers before and after his age by them could not do. During the US Amateur event, Phil Mickelson made a record after he was named the first American golfer who has a left-handed swing to win the Amateur title.

8. Led Sun Devils to NCAA National Championship

At 20 years in 1990, Phil Mickelson was confident and gifted enough to lead a team to golf championship glory. During the NCAA Championship which was held during that year, Phil led the Sun Devils to claiming a win during the event.


With different records, unique skills, and proficiency, Phil Mickelson has established himself in the golfing world. He has bagged many wins and medals in different golfing events held at US at national and international levels.

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