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Interesting Facts about Phil Mickelson

Facts about Phil MickelsonPhil Mickelson is a famous American golfer who has established himself in golfing. The prolific golfer has won several championships throughout his career as a golfer. At the same time, Phil Mickelson has showcased his unique golfing skills and tactics. This has highly contributed to his immense popularity across the world.

What are the Facts associated with Phil Mickelson?

As a popular golfer, it is interesting to know what has made Phil Mickelson so successful and popular. Here are some of his facts:

1. Won 42 Events on the PGA Tour

In the PGA Tour, Phil Mickelson has kept a record which is yet to be recently witnessed. He won 42 events including 5 major golf championships. These championships include: Masters Title in the years 2004, 2006, and 2010, PGA Championship in 2005, and also an Open Championship which he bagged in 2013.

2. In the History of Professions

Phil Mickelson has won himself a place in the world 16 golfers who have made it to win three out of the four professional majors. Many prolific golfers have only made it to two wins. This has made Phil a unique golfer.

3. Started Playing Golf before Schooling

This is an interesting fact about the immense interest in golf that developed in Phil Mickelson’s young age. At the age of 2 years, Phil had already shown where his career was hidden. Before joining school, he would join his father who liked practicing golf at home and practice together with him. This went on all along until Phil’s career in golfing was apparent.

Facts about Phil Mickelson4. Schooled and Graduated in San Diego

Phil was born in San Diego to the Mickelson’s family in 1970. Also, he went on to take his studies in San Diego. Phil attended the University of San Diego and he graduated later on in 1988.

5. An Prolific Amateur Golfer

At his young age, Phil captured the attention of golfers and golf fans in US. This was after Phil made it in showcasing his skills as an amateur face in US after he won three NCAA Individual Championships and also three Haskins Awards. This was during the years 1990, 1991, and 1992 before he was admitted to the university.

6. Won a PGA Tour in January 1991

At just 21 years, Phil Mickelson had established himself as a gifted amateur golfer. In 1991, Phil won the PGA Tour event. The event was in the Northern Telecom Open and it was held in Tucson.

7. The Stunning Left-Handed Swing

At 20, Phil made what many golfers before and after his age by them could not do. During the US Amateur event, Phil Mickelson made a record after he was named the first American golfer who has a left-handed swing to win the Amateur title.

8. Led Sun Devils to NCAA National Championship

At 20 years in 1990, Phil Mickelson was confident and gifted enough to lead a team to golf championship glory. During the NCAA Championship which was held during that year, Phil led the Sun Devils to claiming a win during the event.


With different records, unique skills, and proficiency, Phil Mickelson has established himself in the golfing world. He has bagged many wins and medals in different golfing events held at US at national and international levels.

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