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Basic Golf Techniques

Currently, golf is gaining immense popularity among many people in the world. Learning golf techniques has also increased with many people being interested in gaining skills and moves that are appropriate for the sport.

What are the Basic Golf Techniques?

Through practicing basic golf techniques, you can be able to master tips, moves, and golfing theory that are appropriate for you. There are various golf techniques which prove to be basic and applicable to golfers during practice and also during real action. These include:

1. The Golf Grip

Basic Golf Techniques

It is the foundation of golfing for every player. As an amateur golfer, you need to determine whether you and left-handed or a right-handed grip golfer. This can only be learnt through real practice using a golf club and a golf ball.

With these two tools, you should take time while making different targets using both your right and your left hand. Although many golfers use their right hand, you may discover a unique talent with your left-handed grip just like Phil Mickelson.

2. The Golf Swing

Basic Golf Techniques

Golf swing depends on different factors while playing golf. Firstly, it depends with your height. If you are tall, you may need to swing differently than a shorter person. Secondly, swinging also depends with the size of the golf club that you are using.

While swinging, you need hold your club in position and next to the golf ball. Also, ensure that you have placed your legs gently apart. Swiftly, take your club to your handed-grip. Swing your shoulders in a 90o angle to the left/right and lift the club up. As you keep your target, release the golf club to hit the ball and proceed to swing to the right/left.

3. Follow-through

Basic Golf TechniquesHaving a good follow-through is determined by how perfect your swinging is. While back-swinging, you need to take your upper body to one side. Also, turn the upper body to the center as you approach the follow-through.

Proceed to the next direction as you hit your target. If you move from the right to the left direction, always point your right toe heading to the ground. This will help to increase the ability to negotiate the direction.

4. The Posture

Adapting to the most appropriate golf posture is an essential step to make as you seek to master necessary skills in golfing. Normally, having the body weight adequately balanced throughout is important for efficiency as you seek to make different target and moves.

Many professional golfers tend to hang their arms frequently. This gives sufficient room to the shoulders especially while bending to hit the golf ball. Learning how to remain in good posture always keeps you in position while playing.


Basic golf techniques are the route to success in professional golfing. However, you may not be able to learn these techniques by visiting the golf club and playing for a few minutes or watching other golfers play. You need to regularly practice the basic techniques both at home and at the golf clubs. This will enhance you to master and retain the golf techniques with you.

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